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Our History

Nuestra Historia

Salvador Enriquez was 9 years old when he first learned the culinary art of butcher shop from a local Guadalajara butcher. Later, it was his grandmother who taught him to prepare typical dishes with excellent recipes which has been perfected over the years. Decades later, he emigrated with his family to California to live and work for many years in Carson City. Initially, it was difficult to establish a job, however an entrepreneur, also an emigrant, extended his hand when hiring him for the butcher shop in his market. Salvador was once again carrying out his passion as a butcher for several years. 

A visit to Detroit to visit his family in 1999, impacted him in a great way! He detected lack of Hispanic businesses as an opportunity to undertake. The state of disrepair the city was in, was one more reason that influenced him to move. Salvador had the vision to create a positive impact to lift Detroit, and help in its rehabilitation by opening his business and that neighbors in the neighborhood also enhance their properties and increase the value of the community and the city in general.

Determined to return to Detroit to start his butcher business, he moved and carried out his plans after concluding matters in California. He began by opening Carniceria Guadalajara # 1 on the corner of Springwells and Navy St and over time, added to his chain of butchers # 2 and # 3. After a few years, he decided to close two of the butchers and focus on Carniceria Guadalajara # 2. In this way, he also focused on expanding his services by first adding a small restaurant, and then a variety of foods, including soft drinks, vegetables and groceries.

Over the course of these endeavors, Salvador taught his daughter Adriana Hernandez how to run the business. She learned everything, from how to cut meat to running the cash register and handling inventory and accounting. It was very important for Salvador and his daughter Adriana, who has been a great support and also business partner, to focus on running the business and providing the community with all the basic and essentials that the home requires for its day to day. This charming market opens its doors to you with a warm welcome and thanks you for your support and preference.

Salvador Enriquez and his daughter Adriana, are grateful for the opportunities in Detroit. Adriana participated in ProsperUs Detroit for entrepreneurship training and thus has helped to strengthen Carniceria Guadalajara 2. The resources, loans and subsidies for individuals with small businesses by ProsperUs Detroit, TechTown, Southwest Detroit Business Association, and Motor City Match Grant to name a few, are part, with the effort and long years of dedication and experience for the family to achieve rendering excellent service to the community and its neighbors of this legacy in the works.

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